What is RYFO?

RYFO (pronounced "rye-foe") is an advocate for outreach to musicians. We are a non-profit effort to help followers of Jesus see musicians the way he does; through eyes of humility and compassion.

We love the Church intensely, so it is our heart to help inspire, equip, and mobilize a Christ-like attitude and approach to how followers of Jesus think about and interact with musicians in and outside of the Church.

Through a collaborative approach, we aim to inspire followers of Jesus to become Rebranded Fans, showing and sharing the Good News of Jesus' love with musicians, instead of treating them like idols, opportunities, or people to be shunned.

Serving the voices.

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What Friends Are Saying



It’s our pleasure to share with you some very special partners that are working alongside of us. As these companies are excited about partnering with us, we hope that you would get to know them and their unique products and services. Please take a moment to check them out!


Crossway is a not-for-profit Christian ministry that exists to proclaim the Gospel through publishing.  


Trinity Worldwide Reprographics is a printing business with Christian-based ethics that endeavors to conduct its business according to Christian-based beliefs.  


Earnest demonstration thru film - the creative work of Orange County, CA filmmaker J.B. Waggoner as he creates for others, with others, and from within. His work primarily serves artists, activists, business and religious partners.