About RYFO

RYFO is a ministry to musicians regardless of their background, beliefs or genre of music

Our work is guided by several foundational beliefs:

  • We believe the Church has a mandate to redeem culture
  • We believe that cultural influence starts by influencing the lives of today’s cultural voices
  • We believe music is a highly influential tool in our culture
  • We believe the musician community is desperately in need of the Gospel


Mission: Working to eliminate the cultural divide between the Church and the musician community.

Vision: A sweeping Gospel movement of hope that transforms musicians’ lives and influences the lives of the fans that follow them. We believe this movement will spread through an awakening of faith, identify and purpose within the musician community.


(Current Team Members)

Simeon Lohrmann – Executive Director

Stacy Knapp – Director of Network Relations

David Hamilton – Director of Operations

(Legacy Team Members)

Nick Greenwood – Founder


We pursue our mission/vision by Serving Practical Needs, Forming Trusted Relationships, and Identifying Strategic Partnerships.

Serving Practical Needs :: For the past 7 1/2 years our growing network of Christian host families has provided Radical Hospitality to the touring musician community. Currently we have over 800 registered bands who are being served by approved hosts in 22 states and in Canada.

Forming Trusted Relationships :: In Sept ‘16 we began to pilot an Artist Chaplain program in Phoenix, AZ which focuses on providing the local and touring musician community with Soul Care and Discipleship. This program is designed for gradual expansion into other local hotspots or artist ministry.

Identifying Strategic Partnerships :: Through our Partner Artist agreement and organizational partnership with Steiger Intl, we provide equipping resources to empower the work of missionally- minded musicians.


RYFO began as a college-dorm-room dream in January 2004, and was made a reality in January 2009 with the launch of our first website. Since January 2009, the missionaries involved in RYFO’s missions agency ‘RYFO Network‘, have served the needs of thousands of touring musicians with practical assistance, free meals, beds to sleep in, care-packs, prayer, and friendship. The original vision to serve touring musicians was birthed from seeing Christ-following loved ones struggle through the unique pressures, temptations, and realities that come with life on the road.

Today, though we still hold a significant desire to see Christ-following musicians on the road cared for, God has also deepened our desire to see the Good News of Jesus’ love shown and shared with all musicians (local and touring) that do not have a personal relationship with him, and those that may have been disenfranchised from the Church for one reason or another. We long to be a part of the Father’s reconciliation plan, while continuing to see the needs of Christ-following musicians supported as well. Our heart is to see musicians discipled and to see God’s glory reflected through their lives.

RYFO is a ministry of CRM (Church Resource Ministries) a global missions agency and registered 501(c)(3) based in Anaheim, CA. To learn more about our partnership with CRM we encourage you to check out their website: crmleaders.org.

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