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Are You RYFO?

“Are you RYFO?”

Whenever someone tweets the word “RYFO”, we see it. I guess you can say that we kind of stalk ourselves. We just like seeing the RYFO story that is playing out across the country. One of my favorite tweets to see comes when a band has been invited by a fan via twitter to crash at their house for a night (generally, this is kind of a creepy ask). But on several occasions, we’ve seen the bands respond with “Are you RYFO?”. This warms our hearts. It’s exciting to know that RYFO is becoming a trusted name in the touring artist community. Bands know that RYFO Host Homes are safe and restful places to be…void of creepy super fans. I am grateful.

Serving the voices,

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Serving the voices – origin

Serving the voices.

I can remember where I was when God gave me the tagline for the RYFO ministry idea. Before kids, my wife Emily and I were renting a small cottage at the time within walking distance of the beach in southern California. I remember that I was pacing between the living room and eating area, talking to myself and working through the ministry philosophy with the Lord. And BAM, it hit me… (more…)

Are you sucking the life out of musicians?

Summer tour season is here! Many of us have bought tickets to our favorite festivals, and are excited to see our favorite bands and discover new ones. But I am reminded of something as I think of the exciting Summer festival culture. Festivals are designed for music listeners to consume music by the truck load. Multiple stages are timed to allow crowds to come and go in waves with the start of another band’s set. We go from stage to stage until our ears bleed, our feet hurt, or we collapse because we forgot to drink enough water. We carefully outline what bands we can see based on stages and set times, and do our best to not miss our favorites. There’s an art to it that I’m personally not good at. I try. Most of us can get so focused on ‘consuming’ all the music that we can, that we miss incredible opportunities to (more…)

One Size Fits All?

In the entry way of a Host Home.

Sanctus Real Bus Fire

Sanctus Real Bus Fire

Thanking the Lord that everyone was okay –

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The Callaway Home

The Neighbors Don’t Care

RYFO Volunteer Night

RYFO Fan Care Pack, Instagram-d

Say Cheese!

Future of Forestry’s first RYFO Host Home stay.