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Illinois’ Hill Family Takes A Farewell Photo

Abandon Kansas – Wavorly – Hyland

The Vaught’s Have Floor Space!

This isn’t even all of them. They were in the kitchen, laundry room, and anywhere they could squeeze.

Give & Take

Josh Engler from Abandon offers to mow a RYFO Host Home’s lawn in IL.

Pool Party at a RYFO NETWORK Host Home

TX Host Home, the Callaway’s, host another relaxing poolside day.


Last week.

I sat there in amazement as I watched quite possibly one of the world’s best lyricists pour his heart out through his autobiographical set list. Amazing. Yet so empty. So lost.

My heart, filled with a sensitivity that sees the degree of emptiness in so many artists, demanded a response. That faithful Spirit was tugging once again. A reminder of what God has called me to. A reminder of what Josiah needs from you and I.

For as long as I can remember, going to shows for me meant spending the couple hours praying for the artists on stage. I love music, but I was never really enthralled by it. Instead I was distracted by the question of where the artist was at with the Lord – not for me to judge, but to wonder.

It’s a hard thing to publicly lead and privately struggle with a vision I have yet to see complete clarity on. When RYFO began, we set out to support struggling Believers. Friends of mine had fallen hard. I wanted to create a solution that would derail the inevitable touring pitfalls. What if we could bring Christians around them, filling their lives with care. Love. Connection. Encouragement. Support. Accountability – all good things. Then they’d be fine? Are those verbs, nouns, whatever they are the answer? Or is something else? Was there something more central that I had missed…were my efforts misaligned… (more…)