How can RYFO help you?

We realize that while on tour you give and give every night, sometimes without knowing if you’ll get to sleep on a real bed, if you’ll get a hot shower, if you’ll be able to wash your clothes, or even if you’ll get a real meal at the end of the night. In response to your need, we’ve developed a growing network of Host Homes across the United States that exist to serve your needs while you’re on tour. Through our mobile web app we can connect you with caring families all around the country that we’ve carefully vetted to keep you safe, fed, and comfortable. The RYFO Network is home while you’re away from home. We exist to serve you.

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What other musicians are saying about our host homes

RYFO is doing good work for a generation of musicians that real needs mentors and support while away from home.

Joy Ike

…these families give us hope for the whole concept of ‘starting a family.’ They remind us that families can take care of each other and extend their boundaries to be concerned with justice and care for all people, instead of only those who share their last name.

Silent Planet