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“Are you RYFO?”

Whenever someone tweets the word “RYFO”, we see it. I guess you can say that we kind of stalk ourselves. We just like seeing the RYFO story that is playing out across the country. One of my favorite tweets to see comes when a band has been invited by a fan via twitter to crash at their house for a night (generally, this is kind of a creepy ask). But on several occasions, we’ve seen the bands respond with “Are you RYFO?”. This warms our hearts. It’s exciting to know that RYFO is becoming a trusted name in the touring artist community. Bands know that RYFO Host Homes are safe and restful places to be…void of creepy super fans. I am grateful.

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  • @kmariehill

    I volunteer at a non-profit music venue and after finding out about RYFO my goal is to have a RYFO host home. I’ve lived in my car for 2 weeks, I know tour life is tough, but I’m just out of college with loans to pay and renting out my own room. Gift packs is all I can give, but I look forward to the day that I can let guys & gals crash in my home if only for the night. Heck yeah & I don’t mind you guys stalking twitter.

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