Get To Know Stacy Knapp – Host Home Relations Coordinator

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Stacy’s role with RYFO

Stacy is RYFO’s Host Home Relations Coordinator. She’s the first point of contact for our 100+ host homes across the U.S. She is responsible for the applications, interviews and onboarding.

What attracts Stacy to RYFO

The main reason Stacy was attracted to RYFO is that she has seen the heartbreak and pain that people in the music industry go through, and she believes that there is hope for every person. She knows that God has given her the gift to love people through their difficult stuff.

Stacy’s hope for RYFO

Stacy hopes that through RYFO lives will be transformed by God’s incredible love!

About Stacy’s family

Stacy and her husband, Paxton, live in Los Angeles, CA; and she works for Foursquare Church as their Benefits Administrator. She and her husband met in the summer of 2012 and were married, October 2013. Stacy enjoys the science between art and music, and has a passion for those who make it.

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  • Fatima

    Stacy and Paxton are two incredible people who not only love music but understand the grassroots start for musicians who tour for years before becoming an “overnight” success. Bravo for stepping up, Stacy!

    • Stacy Knapp

      Oh thank you, Fatima! It is because of the care from dear friends like you that help me to “step up”

  • Dode Wessel

    Stacy is a great representative of what RYFO stands for. Thankful for all she does.

    • Stacy Knapp

      And I’m thankful for hearts like yours that love the artists!

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