For The Love of Music(ians)

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For The Love of Music(ians)
By Julia Saites, RYFO Storyteller

The circumstance drives the relationship.

My confession is that I love music.  I love it.  I love it.  Like many others, I just love it.  There is nothing on this planet that can affect me like music.  Nothing.  Dance comes close, then visual art (any kind) and nature, but not quite like music.

The song, the melody, the lyrics, the rhythm – every piece of it pulls something out of me.  A song can evoke a powerful reaction from me – it can stir a memory, showing me a face from years past – a face I miss dearly, a face that can take me back to a forgotten day.  A song can draw out a love from within me that may be hard to express otherwise.  The words I sing along with can roll off my tongue and into the air as a fragrant offering to my King.  A song can fill my heart with empathy and compassion allowing me to offer those things up to one who may need it.  A song often times wrings my heart, the contents flowing out – making room for something better, something more.

So do I love music?  Yes.  But what I also realize is that the music comes out of someone.  A musician.  An artist.  Those are their words, their melodies, their rhythms.  The song is of them.  The songs I love, the songs most powerful are the contents of the artist’s soul poured out onto sheets of music in the form of notes and words.

This also explains my love of dance, visual art and nature.  The most beautiful dancers utilize not only their physical talents, but also leave part of their soul exposed out on the stage.  The same goes with paint on a canvas – the art draws out my emotion because I know a part of that artist’s soul is literally on that canvas.  And nature?  Well, that’s the work of a true Artist.  The most creative Being ever.  So as I watch the golden specks of sunlight bounce along the top of the ocean, I experience a part of the Artist’s soul.

The music, the art, the creation is part of the artist’s soul – good or bad, joyful or full of anger, pain or hope, love or lust.  It gives us a window into the soul of its creator.  If it were not for the courage of the musician to pour out themselves into a song, would we have a desire, a calling to share the love of Jesus with them?

Any music fan will tell you that the music is what drew them in.  They became interested in the musician because of their music, i.e., ‘The circumstance drives the relationship’.  The type of relationship we are driven to is what delineates the fan from the fanatic.

Being able to receive the music for what it is but also being able to look at the artist as an individual, a human being, and not a celebrity elevated on a stage is what makes us different.  The fan has become rebranded.  The Rebranded Fan doesn’t forsake the music.  We can handle that separation.

We can go to a concert, sing along, dance around, scream and shout, even ask for a photo but we also help load gear, ask if they’ve eaten and feed them if they haven’t, put gas in their vans, ask about their families, pay real attention, pray with them and talk to them about Jesus.  This is our calling – this is how we share Jesus with them.  Others minister to musicians in different ways than we do.  It’s the beauty of the body of Christ.  God explains; ” The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body.  So it is with the body of Christ.” (1 Cor 12:12, NLT)  Each one us is a different part of the body, complementing one another.  Not one is more important than the other.

Perhaps as Rebranded Fans we are the fist – able to offer a fist pump in the midst of a song, and then open it up offering a helping hand or hand on the shoulder when the music stops.

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