Grace Unplugged

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Grace Unplugged
By Simeon Lohrmann

The RYFO staff recently had the honor of pre-screening Director Brad Silverman’s new film, Grace Unplugged. The film poses a question that many artists have been faced with:

Would you give up what you need to get everything you want?

As many artists have done, the film’s main character Gracie Trey (played by AJ Michalka) leaves home to pursue a music career in LA. Unlike most, Gracie quickly finds herself in the good graces of a major label with the opportunity to be an overnight “success” story. Amidst growing popularity, Gracie begins to reflect on the costs of her new found fame when she befriends an intern at her label named Quentin (played by Michael Welch).

Quentin challenges Gracie to consider the benefit of gaining all she wants in exchange for what she really needs (Matthew 16:26). The genuine Christ-like love and care Quentin and his family extend to Gracie serves to demonstrate the influence a Rebranded Fan and a Host Home can have in the life of a musician.

On behalf of the RYFO staff, I recommend Grace Unplugged for any audience. As RYFO seeks to inspire, equip and mobilize more Quentin’s to show and share Christ’s love with musicians, the film is especially beneficial for those who are unfamiliar with the unique temptations and realities that exist in the music community. Grace Unplugged open in theaters everywhere next Friday, October 4th. Check out the official trailer here: Grace Unplugged.


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