You Are Not Forgotten

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You Are Not Forgotten
by Julia Saites, RYFO Communications Coordinator

We get fulfillment from your music and become obsessed with you, the musician. We want to know every detail of your life and what you are doing every minute of the day. But we only want to know the details if it will offer us some sort of personal gratification. We love to hear it when you breakup with your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband because we know that if you met us you’d fall in love with us. We know it.

This is our society’s obsession. 

So I ask:

How often do we care to see you, the person? Do we really care about your personal life? Not the gossip, but the reality?

Can we, the fan, the obsessed, consider:

That there is a real life behind each face – one hidden behind the social media profile, behind the show.

 Do we care about that life?

That life may consist of deep family ties, a girlfriend or a boyfriend, a wife or a husband, a child or children. That life may consist of heartaches, sickness, debt, a past too vile to even want to remember. Depth beyond the outer shell.

Oh, that life.

Yes, there are people that do care for you – for the musician, the spouse, the child, the family member, the boyfriend or girlfriend – and for all you endure in the pursuit of dreams in the music industry. We care about the life that’s lived off of the stage and behind the scenes. We want you to know that there is no hidden agenda, our friendship is genuine. We desire to encourage and support you, for your experiences are unique and sometimes hard to explain. We offer you more than the things you may need on the road. We are a little different that way.

Rest assured, you are not forgotten.


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