What does RYFO stand for?


What’s the difference between RYFO, RYFO Network, and the RYFO Web-App?

RYFO is the name of the organization. RYFO Network is the group of missionaries that serve with RYFO, and the RYFO Web-App is the tool that musicians use to find RYFO resources offered by RYFO Network members.

How and why did RYFO get it’s start?

You can read all about our history on our About Us page

How are RYFO staff paid?

Each member of the team raises their own personal missionary support from friends, family, and others interested in sponsoring their ministries.

Does RYFO serve musicians outside of the USA?

Though we seek to serve all musicians, no matter where they are from, our efforts are currently focused within the States. As the RYFO Network continues to expand, we hope to extend the reach of our efforts beyond the United States.

How do you decide which musicians are approved to receive access to the RYFO Web-App?

We’ve chosen to accept all musicians as eligible beneficiaries of our services. We believe that the Gospel is for everyone. We do however recognize that some of the services may only be utilized by touring musicians.

How is RYFO funded?

Currently, we are funded through the RYFO Network member’s gifts, administrative dues and outside donors. In the future, we hope to also receive grants and develop corporate sponsor relationships.

Are my gifts tax-deductible?

Yes. RYFO is a ministry of CRM (Church Resource Ministries), a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Anaheim, California.

Will I receive a receipt for my gift?

Yes. We send out annual donation summaries each year in January. 

Can I raise support through RYFO?

We consider every circumstance as unique.  If you desire to join the RYFO Network and raise funds so that you are able to devote your full-time attention on your ministry, we would love to discuss that possibility with you. Contact info@ryfo.org to discuss this option.

What is the support raising process?

1) Contact RYFO to discuss your interest. 2) Determine your financial need for RYFO Board review and approval. 3) Complete the RYFO on-boarding process. 4) Begin raising support through RYFO.

Do you have to be a Christ-follower to serve with the RYFO Network?


What internship or volunteer positions does RYFO offer?

We offer these types of opportunities as needs present themselves. You can stay tuned to our Facebook page for the announcement of such opportunities or send an email to info@ryfo.org to share about your particular interests.

What training does RYFO offer it’s missionaries?

We’ve identified this as an area of need, so we are working to offer training and develop materials as soon as it’s administratively feasible. In the mean time, we’d encourage you to explore other outside training resources. Stay tuned to the ‘serving the voices’ blog for updates.

How often do musicians stay with RYFO Host Homes?

It varies by season and location. We are interested in homes that are open to frequently serving as hosts as we aim to build relationship with the musicians we serve.

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