Mission-Oriented Art

On August 28, 1963, Bob Dylan played at The March on Washington for Jobs & Freedom. He played two unreleased songs from his 1964 album “The Times They Are A-Changin’”, which would go on to be [...]

Gospel-Infused Art

I remember when I was in high school, most of the songs I wrote would come from the depths of my emotions. They would wreck me. The song would affect me in such a way that I wouldn’t be able to [...]

Deflecting Glory

Have you ever been called out for being self-centered, but didn’t think you were acting that way? Maybe a friend convinced you to look at all the evidence from an objective viewpoint and suddenly [...]

Created to Create

There’s something innate in us that seeks to define who we are by what we do, or rather, what we enjoy doing. From our early childhood we’re taught that people who drive black and white cars with [...]

A Complicated Matter

Written By: Stacy Knapp (Director of Network Relations)  Two weeks ago we shared a personal and honest journal entry from an artist who has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. As I [...]

2016 Annual Report

By: Simeon Lohrmann (Executive Director) Whether you have been connected to RYFO for years, or you are brand new to the network, this update is for you. Detailed in the pages of our annual report [...]

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