A Soundtrack for Life

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A Soundtrack for Life
By: Lori George

At the beginning of our day, in the middle of our day, and especially at the end of our day, there’s nothing quite like listening to your favorite songs. An invisible reset button is pressed and we begin to rebuild our sense of self.

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to compose my first soundtrack for a short film.  I had new recording software I was teaching myself to use and decided this would be a prime opportunity to break it in. I viewed the short film multiple times before diving in to the composition. As I prayed under my breath for the Lord to grant me supernatural tenacity, I painstakingly matched the changing themes of the film with my music. When it was all said and done I felt an enormous sense of accomplishment.

As I reflected on the finished work I began to think about the musicians who had aided my creative process. Every sound on my recording software, every MIDI track, the mic I used, and quite possibly even those who assisted in the software’s development, were probably all musicians. I wondered who they all were.  I wondered about their personal lives.  Did they have spouses? Children? An elderly mother and father living their final days in a rest home? Were their bills past due in spite of their best efforts? Did they have health concerns? What was their spiritual life about? Did they believe in Jesus as their Savior? If they did, how were they growing in their personal walk with Him? Do they have an accountability partner in their lives?

As a musician, I appreciate RYFO’s desire to bring musicians from all walks of life, one step closer to their Creator, and to care for all aspects of their well being. In a day and age where technology advances can often leave people with a deep sense of detachment, RYFO understands the importance of maintaining real life relationships and communication. If you have an embedded sense of compassion for musicians, please consider becoming a Rebranded Fan. It’s a vital part of RYFO’s efforts to spread the love of Christ within the music community.

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