RYFO Mission & Vision: Forming Trusted Relationships

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The time we have with musicians off the road can be just as important as their time on the road. Helping them to realize that they have someone they can call when things get tough gives them hope. In RYFO, this is part of our core value is forming trusted relationships.

By: Simeon Lohrmann

Trust in relationships is a priceless thing. It doesn’t come easy because it must be earned, and once it’s earned there’s no guarantee it will stand the test of time. A trusted relationship is a safe relationship which carries a sense of being known and having the freedom to be completely honest. Renowned Leadership Coach Bob Vanourek says it this way, ”Trust is built when someone is vulnerable and not taken advantage of.”

As an organization that ministers within the musician community we are fully aware of the challenges artists face when it comes to trust in relationships. The music industry is largely built around the idolatry of artists, and that reality alone makes it difficult to find trusted relationships. Compounding that reality is the fact that many artists have a level of distrust towards the church due to their perceptions and life experiences. We firmly believe that transformation in the musician community requires a commitment to form trusted relationships that demonstrate the character of Christ.
What does that look like? We approach every interaction with an artist as an opportunity to communicate or display love that’s authentic, and therefore unattached from any set agenda or ulterior motive. We don’t treat artists like a project or our mission, and we certainly don’t relate to them in light of their accomplishments or notoriety. On the contrary, we honor the individual journey of every artist we are blessed to serve and interact with. We seek to relate to each artist in light of wherever they’re at in their own journey. Furthermore, we are focused on creating safe environments that allow artists to be vulnerable. To that end we willingly volunteer the details of our own life story to allow for a mutual level of honesty and transparency. Without forming trusted artist relationships we can not accomplish our mission to eliminate the cultural divide between the Church and the musician community.


  • Are there musicians you know who have been hurt or jaded by the church? If so, what opportunities do you have to demonstrate the character of Christ to them?
  • How can you begin to form trusted artist relationships that are rooted in love?
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Jim Dallett | RYFO Staff