What the church can learn from the hardcore scene

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Last week one of our host families shared a blog with our staff that really resonated with us. The blog is directed at the church and outlines the discoveries a mother made in attending her son’s hardcore show. In light of our unique mission, it’s always encouraging to come across someone else who is advocating for the same thing we are – to bridge the divide between the church and the musician community.

That said, we wanted to pass the blog along to our network to hear your feedback on…

What the church can learn from the hardcore scene

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  • Holly Prosser

    Thanks so much for sharing my post! Love what you guys are doing for the Kingdom! Praying God will bless your ministry in ways far beyond your imagination! Love and peace to you!

  • J Keith

    As a Christian punk musician, I believe in the power of any genre of music to unite people with a purpose. About 4days ago I stood in a crowd and listened to the masked frontman of grave robber give one of the best messages that I’ve ever heard while between songs. Music is a universal language that covers every culture on this earth, and if “christians” refuse to speak to people in a language that they can understand, then they are doing absolutely NOTHING to further the kingdom. Jesus himself, hung out with people who were sinners because you cannot reach people if all you do is look down your nose at them. If a hardcore band has a legitimate walk with the Lord and can convey that message within any type of music, then why not let them? They are trying to reach out to the people that maybe are not getting fed by a traditional setting.

    So yes I believe that any form of art that is an attempt to advance the kingdom, has a place and a right to try.

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